SCD Intro

SCD Intro



Welcome to Sports Cards Direct, the UK’s biggest sports card dealer/distributer.


There has been a huge surge in demand for sports cards in the UK/Europe since the first COVID lockdown and we, as collectors ourselves, thought it would be a brilliant idea to make sealed product and singles widely accessible to those this side of the Atlantic. (Don’t worry America, we ship worldwide)


We have been operating, mainly through our eBay store, since November 2019 and decided to expand and create our own website.


We have plenty of bonus features on our site including ‘the day early club’ and we run free to enter competitions every now and again (keep your eyes peeled).


Another feature going live in the next few months is the grading services we will offer to the UK/Europe. We will be offering grading services for PSA and BGS. We’ll explain everything nearer the time. 

Thanks for joining us



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