As we round off an exceptional fourth quarter, we couldn't be more thrilled about how our team has performed. Our sales have skyrocketed, shattering all previous records and setting a new benchmark for success. Our Black Friday sales alone broke all previous records, reflecting the incredible support from our loyal customers. But that's not all. We've also expanded our offering with a diverse range of new products that cater to a wider audience, further solidifying our market position. Among these new additions, the release of the Topps Chrome - Disney 100 has been a game changer, garnering an overwhelming response from Disney fans worldwide. This quarter has truly been a testament to our vision and relentless pursuit of excellence.


One of the many highlights of our 2023 was our extraordinary Black Friday sales which soared to new heights, shattering all previous records. From the moment we opened our virtual doors, orders flooded in at an unprecedented rate, reflecting the trust and enthusiasm of our valued customers. Our diverse and sought-after product range coupled with our commitment to exceptional service, resulted in a surge in sales volumes like never before. This record-breaking achievement is not just a testament to the quality of our offerings, but also to the unwavering loyalty of our customers. We are deeply grateful for this support and pledge to continue providing the finest in sports and TCG trading cards.


The launch of Topps Chrome - Disney 100 was a momentous occasion for us, resulting in resounding success that exceeded our expectations. This premium collection, which celebrates the most iconic characters in Disney history, sparked significant excitement among both collectors and Disney fans alike. From Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck, each of the 100 base cards included in this exclusive set became an instant hit. The response to this release was overwhelming, with tweets such as '@Topps Chrome Disney 100 was my most successful rip of the year' reflecting the widespread enthusiasm. Not only did this launch reaffirm our position as a leading card company, but it also marked a significant milestone in our journey.


On top of that, Sports Cards Direct is on the move to a brand new headquarters. This relocation marks an exciting new chapter in our growth story. More than just a change of address, this move signifies our commitment to bring you closer to the world of sports and TCG trading cards. Our new HQ will house our very own sports and TCG trading card shop, offering an immersive shopping experience for all collectors and enthusiasts. This state-of-the-art facility will not only serve as the nerve centre for our operations but also a destination where fans can explore, trade, and celebrate their passion for trading cards.


As we step into 2024, Sports Cards Direct is excited to share that this year is poised to be bigger and better than ever before. Fresh from our holiday break, we're bursting with innovative ideas and exciting projects that are set to revolutionize your trading card experience. One of our key plans for the year is to broaden our reach and enhance our brand awareness, promising a more diverse and engaging offering for all our customers.



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