As we approach the last quarter of our financial year, we have been nothing but busy with back-to-back product drops throughout the last couple of months. On top of that, we've been working on some major projects including, relocating our singles marketplace from our website back to the eBay collectibles store after being away for some time. With this newly-formed partnership, it will not only help deliver a great and promising shopping experience to our buyers but also comes with an array of benefits to us and our customers.

Some of those benefits includes more exposure for our products with eBay's incredible search engine optimization (SEO), which means higher chance of people searching on Google and winding up on your product’s listing. In addition, eBay currently has 183 million active users. While that leaves it a distant second to Amazon, it’s still the equivalent of more than half the US population. That incredible level of exposure for our product listings means that our potential for sales is almost limitless.

Along with this move, we've also been involved in a number of card shows in the past few months and have travelled several miles to meet card collectors and enthusiasts across the country. With only a few months left until the end of the year, we still have a few shows dotted in our calendar, including the very popular London Card Show at the end of the month. As card shows becomes more and more popular in the UK, card enthusiasts are being spoilt with new events emerging regularly throughout the country. This will give people who are unable to take part due to their location an opportunity to attend shows closer to them. One of the new shows that recently appeared in the scene are Cardiff and Warrington which we were fotunate enough to be able to take part in.

Although the last few months have been mostly positive, there's definitely been days that have not went our way. The most significant inconvience that's been a regular occurrance lately are the Royal Mail strikes. We've recently put a statement on our social media regarding the issue to give everyone a warning that our shipping will be slightly affected during the dates published. Besides the Royal Mail strikes, one of the biggest challenges we've also faced is the constant delay of products. Although this is completely out of our control, we will always make it a priority to accommodate any issues you may have and inconvience it has caused.

Lastly, we have been working none stop for several months on probably our biggest project yet, which will be announce in the next few weeks. We are extremely excited to let everyone know what we've been working on as it will be a huge milestone to the company.

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