We're now in the third month of 2022 and there has been a lot going on here at Sports Cards Direct. As always, here at Sports Cards Direct, we like to make sure that all of our customers are aware and fully informed about everything that's going on and to have an insight into what we get up to. Here's a summary of the things that went on in the past two months and what to look forward to in the not so distant future.


One of the main things is our consistent growth. As usual, Sports Cards Direct has seen yet another spike in the first two months of the new year with a sizeable growth in comparison to the previous months. It seems like there's no stopping this train and of course, it's all down to our loyal customers. Your continuous support and loyalty towards us have been incredibly beneficial, not only to our business but also to the entire sports trading cards industry. It's more than fair to say that Sports Cards Direct has done its utmost to successfully provide our customers with the highest quality service and products it possibly can. Not only for the in-the-moment questions but also really listening to every single one's feedback.


If you're new to Sports Cards Direct, there's a high chance that you missed one of the biggest changes that are happening next month, which is our newly revamped website. Now that it's finally out in the open, we can't express our excitement enough. After months and months of planning and designing, our idea of a more visually appealing and easily accessible website is finally coming to full fruition. We're working closely with our web developers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and produce something that we are proud of and hopefully, everyone will love. We want to provide our customers with a brand new and much more enjoyable shopping experience from beginning to end. Our new website design takes responsiveness to a whole new level. Our intuitive, dynamic design features are above to what's currently out there. Before launching, we will be carrying out extensive testing to make sure that our latest fixes are in and fully functional.


Furthermore, along with having a new website, we will also be launching our very own singles marketplace integrated within. If you are looking for specific card or cards to add to your collection, Sports Cards Direct singles marketplace has you covered. You will be able to choose from a vast array of individual cards featuring all types of sports and sets. Currently, we are halfway through our target of 1000 cards ready to be released for our official launch date, which is early April


Lastly, as we continue to grow as a business, our team is also expanding to help us ensure that we continue to provide the best possible service to our customers and help us stay on top of the market. We are forever grateful to all of our staff that are all equally contributing to making Sports Cards Direct the best trading card supplier in the world.

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