Accessories What to Buy And Why!

Accessories What to Buy And Why!

As collectors we like to be able to store our cards as safely as possible. We can’t have Raw cards just lying around unprotected from the elements.


That’s why we have an array of accessories on offer, we have sleeves to top loaders to card containers all of which I’ll run through with you now.


Penny sleeves

Penny sleeve are soft plastic sleeves you slide your card into to protect the surfaces of your card. Every card you own should primarily be protected by a penny sleeve.



Toploaders are rigid plastic holders used

after you have put your card in the penny sleeve, these protect the edges/corners from damage. 



Cardsavers are usually used to store your cards when sending off to grading. (Grading companies are currently accepting toploaders but this isn’t the norm). You can generally keep your cards in these but they are more flexible than toploaders.


Mags/one touches

Mags/one touch holders are solid plastic cases with a solid plastic lid held in place by a magnet. These are super strong holders and are used to showcase cards They are brilliant for showing off your higher end cards.

Note: When putting your card in these holders please put a penny sleeve in front of the card before you close the lid, this will protect the surface from getting scratched.


Team bags

Team bags are very handy, when selling cards we like to use team bags after putting the card in a toploader so it stops the card from sliding out of the top loader during transit. You can also get larger team bags that fit in graded cards, these are perfect for looking after your slabs and preventing scratches.


Cardboard boxes

We have a variety of different sized cardboard boxes to store your cards in, from 800 card carrying boxes to 5000 card carrying boxes. This is a great way to store your ever growing collection and stashing away those little known rookies until they become superstars down the line. ‘I just checked my soccer card boxes in the attic from when I was a kid, look at this Pele rookie’... Wishful thinking hey.

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