PWCC Marketplace has launched a new Breaker Network to help breakers and their customers create a more seamless and secure process for buying, selling, and trading ultra-modern trading cards.


The new PWCC Breaker Network will offer ultra-modern wax product breakers services that enable faster time to market, higher valuations per card, and liquidity solutions that can quickly convert raw cards into cash.


PWCC CEO Brent Huigens stated that “PWCC is bringing much needed liquidity to the world of ultra-modern trading cards. This is made possible through strategic partnerships and product offerings within the PWCC platform that combine to offer seamless access to authentication, archival, digital portfolio management, and near instant marketplace liquidity. These solutions aim to democratize the trading card market, to serve assets of all price levels, and have proven they can increase the value of recently ripped raw trading cards by 20 percent or more while also getting assets liquidated three times faster than any other solution.”


Easy-to-use authentication services, high-resolution imaging and digital portfolio management, precise card identification, fraud prevention, cost-free cash advances, and instant access to several markets are some of the specific services provided by PWCC.


For users of live streaming services, breakers often rip open boxes or packs of fresh cards and deliver out the cards to specific customers. Most of the unauthenticated, or raw, cards produced by the popular breaks are not sold due to the lack of clear procedures for their distribution and authentication.


“There is a lack of confidence in buying unauthenticated cards, which sets a ceiling on the overall price a buyer is willing to pay for recently manufactured products,” Huigens said. “PWCC's services and partnerships remove the friction involved in selling raw trading cards, and that results in higher sales prices.”


Breaking customers now have a simple, rapid way to market and sell their cards thanks to the direct shipping of raw cards from Breaker Network partners to PWCC.


Crave, Indy Card Exchange, Jaspys, La Fav, Roadshow Cards, The Card Plugz, and The Coffee Breakers (Cards and Coffee) are among the inaugural breaker partners.


Additional partners will be announced in the coming months. PWCC is also accepting new Breaker Network partnership applications at


MBA Authenticated, which was established especially to fulfil the needs of collectors of ultra-modern cards, would authenticate raw cards. In order to add value to raw cards, MBA—led by authentication pioneer and former PSA grader Mike Baker—offers skilled verification, precise identification and labelling, and a thorough condition report. To ensure faster service, MBA is situated next to the PWCC administrative building.


MBA’s authentication services will cost $6 per asset, regardless of asset value. If a card is committed to auction within , the fees are reduced to just $3 per item.

PWCC also works with grading card companies Beckett, CSG, CGC Trading Cards and SGC. Their services through the new Breaker Network include:

• CSG/CGC: $15 per card, regardless of card value, shipping included.

• SGC: $20 per card, regardless of card value, shipping included.

• Beckett: $25 per card, regardless of card value, shipping included.


Without any up-front costs, charges, or forms, each authentication service enables direct submission to a client's PWCC Vault account or the option to send cards right to auction. 


Other advantages of PWCC include the exclusion of sales tax in Oregon, high-resolution imaging, real-time insurance valuations, physical security, auction and fixed-price marketplaces that attract more than 300,000 potential buyers, management tools that enable an asset to be listed on any market at any time, simple-to-use, fee-free cash advances on assets sent to auction, concierge-level customer service, and shipping services.

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