Hobby Terminology

Hobby Terminology

When we first started out collecting we would find it difficult to understand some of the lingo not knowing what hobbyists we’re referring to. 


We decided to put together a little guide to help you navigate sales posts and terms used in the industry. 


Raw card - An ungraded card


Slabs - A graded card


Coin - when someone coins a card, they take a picture of the card with a note of their name and the date to prove they have the card in hand. You’ll usually see coined cards on social media groups where people are selling there cards.


BMWT - bubble mailer with tracking, it just refers to the packaging someone will use, you’ll find this term on a sales post.


OBO - or best offer, a seller will list a card for sale with a set price. If you see the OBO it means they are willing to negotiate the price listed.


PC - someone’s ‘PC’ is their personal collection. You’ll find cards being picked up for various reasons including investing, flipping and set collecting but if someone picks a card up for their PC they will be getting that card because they collect that player or that team. For instance I like to collect Gareth Bale cards so if I see one I like I’ll pick it up for the PC.


GOAT - Lionel Messi I mean Greatest Of All Time (you see what I did there 😎)


SFS - Still for sale, if a card has been posted for sale but it hasn’t been sold in the period of time the seller wishes to have sold it in, they will add SFS to the post to notify potential buyers it’s still available.


SSTC - Sold Subject To Contract/Completion.

The card in question has been agreed to be sold subject to completing the deal. This could mean just waiting for money to exchange hands or agreeing when the card can be picked up or shipped for example.


Below are a few more terms that you usually

Find combined with each other.


FS - for sale


NFS - Not For Sale


FT - For Trade


NFT - Not For Trade


Someone may want to just sell their card so will put FS/NFT... would like a cash deal, not accepting trades. 


Another example would be NFS/NFT... I

 Would just like to show my card off to the community, it isn’t available for sale or trade.

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