In the last few months, we've been extremely busy with several projects, including our website launch, singles marketplace and the addition of our new staff. As always, our growth has been monumental and we only have our customers to thank for. Despite having some slow days now and then and products being unfortunately delayed, we still managed to make the most out of bad situations with the consistent support we've been receiving.

After months of hard work and collaborating closely with developers, we finally launched our newly revamped website. With a new look, layout and innovative features, we made sure that our customers can have as much fun browsing as investing in our products. In regards to the website's functionality and accessibility, we made sure that each aspect of the site is as user-friendly as possible.

On top of our new site, we've also launched our much anticipated singles marketplace. With the amount of hours that went towards preparing thousands of our singles and listing them on the site, it's safe to say that we were relieved when it came to launch day. Since it's official release, the reactions from collectors around the world has been vastly positive and the support is beyond to what we anticipated. Our singles marketplace provides a vast array of raw cards all in different conditions, which makes for a thrilling hunt for the best possible conditioned cards.

As we continue to grow at an alarming rate, it's inevitable that we we're going to need an extra hand in pushing our brand to the next level. Here at Sports Cards Direct, we always try to break bounderies and exceed expectations hence why we brought in Aaron to help us progress to the next stage. With Aaron's video creation background, we believe that his expertise will help us go further on top of the industry and add a little extra spice in our content creation. With Aaron's arrival, we intend to explore different platforms, including TikTok that will prodive us a helping hand in expanding our brand awareness and putting our name in front of a new demographic.

In the next few months, be prepared to expect a much more diverse content and a new project that we've been cooking up. Make sure to follow us on social media to keep up-to-date with everything we're doing, including; new products, upcoming releases and many more.
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