During this past year, a lot of businesses out there have had numerous struggles come their way due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has caused a massive disturbance not only to our society but to how we live our lives. In order for everyone to be safe and secure from the virus, most businesses had taken every single precaution they could possibly take from introducing rigorous cleaning routines and even closing down certain offices and stores, which resulted in a vast amount of employers facing redundancies. Furthermore, with the entire population being isolated indoors for the majority of 2020, not only did everyone face the uncertainty of what the future may hold, but some ended up having to start from the bottom once again.


Notwithstanding the challenges, hurdles and struggles that Covid-19 had brought the world, most people and businesses had taken this time to improve and better themselves to come out of it stronger and better than before. Here at Sports Cards Direct, we did exactly that. Despite the circumstances, we are proud to say that we have emerged from all the craziness positively. In spite of it all, we've made tremendous improvements to our company and continued to show growth and evolve into something much more than we've anticipated.

Starting off as a small business, we have transformed this company into a much bigger operation and words can't describe how grateful we are to all those who showed us continuous support throughout. After much anticipation, we have finally found and moved into our new headquarters in Plymouth, Devon where we will permanently situate for the foreseeable future. There's been so much hard work and planning that went into acquiring our new office and it's been such a relief when we eventually received our keys to our new home.



Although it's only been a few months since moving in, we are slowly but surely in the process of making our new space our own by converting it to reflect who and what we are as a company and we are extremely eager to show everyone its final look. As it's our first time moving into a new building, we want to make sure that we take our time to really make it as best as it can be, visualising and implementing our ideas to forge the perfect workplace.

On top of that, we've also added two new faces to our ever-growing company that will help us to continue to develop and find ways in cementing our position as one of the top online Sports Trading Card retailers.


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